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Dedicated to your needs, our virtual design coordination (VDC) team boasts unparalleled industry and in-field expertise to help your project success. BIM has many benefits to the construction process and can become the digital life story of your project.

At Impact BIM, we have the expertise and technology to create and manage a collaborative working environment that includes all stakeholders and participants. We can also plan, lead and execute BIM, keeping the project moving forward especially for large construction ventures with many participants and multiple disciplines.

We work closely with our clients from pre-construction to completion using a variety of technologies and resources to manage projects depending on the size and scope of the project.

Lead Coordination

Lead Coordination Services

We can lead coordination collaboration across all construction trades providing you with a clash-free federated model. With our extensive background, we go beyond just identifying the clashes by offering cost efficient suggestions to avoid the clash. Most clashes that are identified through the clash detection are also assigned to specific trades which will be responsible for re-routing to avoid clash.

Clash Detection

Clash Detection Coordination

In our 3D model, we uncover and eliminate conflicts between the MEP systems, Architecture and Structure prior to fabrication and in-field installation.

File Hosting

Centralized File Management Hosting

We bring your distributed team together with our centralized file management and hosting services. We give multiple team members the ability to review and interact on the same project model at the same time. Our services securely enable communications in real-time, speeding up the coordination process.

Bim Planning

BIM Execution Planning

Essential when working on a collaborative project, BIM Execution Planning (BEP) allows us to minimize downstream surprises, rework, redundancies or gaps in the flow of (model-based) information. This helps to ensure that everyone working on the project is on the same page, cooperating and collaborating from the very beginning to the completion of the project.

Virtual Bim Meeting Hosting

Virtual Hosting of Coordination Meetings

We organize and host your coordination meetings, providing the technology and manpower to streamline the meeting presentation and bring all trades together to participate and examine any issues at hand.

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